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yuengling neon clock

“Cost is a major factor in any POP program. We at Yuengling feel that the price is right when factoring in the lifespan and display period this clock will have. Image Time clocks are the highest quality on the market. They have proven to be an exceptionally predominant piece in our POP program: they grab the customer's eye to make quick purchasing decisions, increasing brand awareness and ultimately our sales.”

Trevor Jochems, Yuengling Brewery


“We decided to use an early Cadillac logo which tied nicely into the clock's overall nostalgic style. Image Time has a terrific product at a good price. It's the Cadillac of customized neon clocks.”

Jeff Butzin, Cadillac Motor Division

“Image Time clocks are very cool. We hang them in the restaurant, of course, but we also sell them as gifts. I bought them for my parents and all my partners. People buy the clocks because they are exciting and fun - just like our restaurants! Customers take our logo home, and will be reminded of us for the next decade, often at mealtimes.”

Paul Chu, Restauranteer - Johnny Rockets


Cadiliac Motor Divison
johnny rockers neon clock


“What impressed us about our Image Time clock was the classic design and fine detail. Image Time captured exactly what we were looking for in using a quality neon clock to promote Snap-On Tools.”

Steve Schwartz, Moda International Marketing, Inc.


“The ROI on Image Time clocks is terrific. They last forever. I know, because I still have my Boston Market neon clock in my office. It is 12 years old and runs perfectly. We are putting Image Time neon clocks in all of our new KnowFat Lifestyle Grilles. For less than 3 cents per day for 1000's of big, bright brand impressions, it's a lot of brand for the buck.”

George Nadoff, Founder & CEO - Boston Market

boston marker neon clock
snap-on neon clock
harley davidson neon clock

"Image Time is one of our top two or three suppliers. The quality is top notch. Delivery is great and they consistently come through for us. Service is outstanding. They are very nice people. We love Image Time."

Robert Greenman, Ace Product Management Group, Inc. -

Harley Davidson Motorcycles Licensee

Product Branding

Building long lasting brand impact

Electrifying POP Sales

When it comes to consumers point-of-purchase buying decisions, having the ability to stand out gives you the edge over the competition. By promoting your company on our colorful, radiant clocks, you'll reach a greater number of customers and build brand recognition that lasts. Plus, it's an incredibly cost effective way to advertise. No other advertising vehicle will last as long and shine as magnificently as our eye-catching neon clocks.

          - Great  Promotional Tool


     - Increase perceived value


- Instantly become a classic

Quality Branding


You’ve spent an extensive amount of time and money building your brand. Our distinct, classic-designed neon clocks will reinforce the reputation you’ve earned as a quality product while improving your bottom line. When customers see your brand on our captivating clocks, they’re more likely to ask for it.

          - Puts your brand top-of-mind


     - Cost effective way to advertise


- Lasts 10 years or more

Gifts and Incentives


Image Time neon clocks are an excellent way to recognize employees outstanding sales performances and years of dedicated service. They’re also great for saying “thanks” to loyal customers. With a selection of nostalgic and modern product logos that reflect a wide range of personal preferences, our clocks can strengthen the devotion of employees and customers to your company, going a long way toward encouraging everyone’s continued success.

          - Build employee morale


     - Interesting conversation piece


- Impress customers


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