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Custom Built Products

20" Classic Neon Clock - Samples

The classic twenty inch neon clock is our most popular! It's spun aluminum bezel (casing) is very durable and comes in 19 colors and finishes to match your company's design. We offer a wide selection of neon colors, 5 glass styles and your choice of hands. Send us your logo or artwork and we'll design the perfect clock to promote your brand!



24" Double Neon Clock - Samples

Our 24 inch double neon unit features a second ring of neon around the outside of the 20" clock. Keep both neon colors the same or mix them up! Fully customizable with over 2,000,000 neon-bezel-glass-hand color combinations. With your logo on the face, this attractive time piece is sure to illuminate your business.





36" Custom Neon Clock - Samples

This timekeeper is a real show piece. Surrounding the 24" clock is an 8 inch wide customizeable neon display. Each letter, number or character is expertly shaped by hand to exacting standards. Highlight your company name or slogan!  The 36" neon clock will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on everyone who sees it. Now that's effective advertising.




14" Clock - Samples

These battery-operated clocks are light and versatile. They can be displayed practically anywhere. Our 14 inch clocks are hand crafted of the highest quality materials and are great for marketing campaigns, customer rewards, and sales incentives for employees. They make great gifts!





14" Thermometer - Samples

Give your business valuable face time with Image Time!

Knowing the temperature is just as important as knowing the time. Our durable thermometers are weather sealed and can be placed indoors or outside. With your company prominently displayed, this is a highly effective way to boost brand awareness.


miller high life 20 inche neon clock yuengling 36 inch neon clock chevrolet 14 inch thermometer clock Duquense Pilsner 24 inch neon clock snap-on 14 inch neon clock

Give your business valuable face time with Image Time!


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